Murat Sert | Kim Teknolojileri | (Genel Müdür)

Project Description

As one of the first in the industry, for more than 20 years, Mr Murat Sert tries to develop, manufacture and promote Boron based products especially in the field of advanced materials, specifically ceramics such as B4C, TiB2 and BN

Although graded as a Electrical & Electronics Engineer from METU in 1996, he switched its interest in advanced materials and participated in establishment of various pioneer companies within Turkey for advanced materials such as BM Boron Technologies, Nurol Technologies and latest KIM Technologies, all as founder General Manager. 

Besides its regular duties, Mr Sert is also serving as board member for various associations and organizations such as Kalder Kayseri, GAE (Future Research Foundation) for improving quality and local manufacturing environment, he is also honored as Honorary Council for Finland in Kayseri in 2022

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