Prof. Dr. S. Nami Kartal
İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa
(Borlu Bileşiklerin Ahşap Korumada Kullanımı)

Project Description

S. Nami KARTAL is Professor at Department of Forest Biology and Wood Protection Technology, Faculty of Forestry, Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa, Istanbul, Türkiye. He received his PhD degree at Istanbul University in 1999 and worked at USDA Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory, Madison WI, USA for two years as a Visiting Scientist and Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan for two years as a Post Doctoral Scientist under Japan Society for the Promotion of Science – JSPS Post Doctoral Program. He is an elected member of International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) and member of International Research Group on Wood Protection (IRG-WP). He received Ron Cockroft Award (RCA), International Research Group on Wood Preservation (IRG-WP) and The Turkish Academy of Sciences Award (TUBA-GEBIP). He received two “JSPS Invitational Fellowships for Research in Japan” studying at Kyoto University, Japan. He was included in the World’s Top 2% Scientist List by Stanford University in 2021. He has research collaboration with several research laboratories worldwide (Kyoto University, Japan; USDA Forest Products Laboratory, WI, USA; University of Lorraine, France; Aalto University, Finland; Virginia Tech, USA; Universidad de la Republica Uruguay) as a visiting scientist. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses related to wood protection and wood preservation.He also performs additional teaching through thesis and project supervision. He has attended numerous international scientific meetings and conferences and presented papers. He has published more than 175 papers on the issues of wood protection and preservation with >3000 citations (H-index – Google Scholar: 34, WoS: 26). He works on leaching and fixation issues of boron based wood preservatives, development of boron-based new wood preservatives, protection of solid wood and wood-based materials against biodegradation, and remediation of treated wood by biological and chemical methods. He also studied on developing colorimetric micro assay for determining boron containing compounds in lignocellulosics and leachates. He holds two registered patents (one is on “use of boron minerals in wood plastic composites”) and two pending patents (“boron and copper based preservative paste” and “boron rods from boron minerals”) (

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